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A full visual identity that reflects aspects and vision of the company along with the logo and website.

I was able to create a playful yet mature visual identity that provides designers with the option to use either of these aspects while leaving out the other.

The challenge

Design a Visual identity for Visureal, a studio focusing on designing 2D and 3D sketches and visualizations of real estate. Based on that, design a website.


As a small creative studio, Visureal wanted to show creativity in the visual identity while also having an element of seriousness and maturity which would be able to support the brand in more formal use cases.

The process

I started the process by conducting research into the company’s products, aims, and visions. I discussed the future of Visureal with the owner which helped me to form a good idea of what is the vision behind the studio. 


After the research I defined a few keywords that represent Visureal. Since Visureal is a small company, the main aim was to elevate their brand and make the visuals a little eccentric and eye-catching while still keeping the form to the ground and future-proof.


Designing the website, I used the colours I had assigned to the products and applied them to the website to clearly distinguish different products and make the navigation clear. I took advantage of the playful side of the identity while suppressing the sharp and mature part which did not feel inviting.

visureal mockup.png


Website (2).gif


The logo I came up with is a representation of an edge of a wall. The creativity of the studio is reflected in a colorful yet strictly defined color gradient which consists of five colours. Each of these colours represents one of 5 Visureal’s signature products. The sharp shape of the logo contrasts the playfulness of the colours and gives it a sturdy look that maintains the visuals both mature and playful at the same time. Chosen font, Staatliches, is a tall and condensed sans-serif font that perfectly fits the nature of real estate.


  • Put more emphasis on research

  • Define the visuals more broadly - avoid narrow definitions of guidelines which limits the creativity of designers working with the visual identity. 

  • Make the identity more flexible - able to allow for future modifications while keeping the same general appearance. 

  • It is good to make the identity relyant on multiple key visual aspects. 

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