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Service design


Marek Ševčík
Satu Paavonsalo
Utano Oyamada
Hitomi Asaka

Improving the process of sending an urgent parcel
with the Finnish Post.

Our research uncovered that users can feel overwhelmed and stressed when labeling parcels, often experiencing doubt.

The source of stress in parcel packing and labeling stems from uncertainty about proper packing procedures, as well as the high stakes involved in shipping valuable items under time constraints.

Posti info

The app ensures that the handwriting on the parcel is legible by scanning the label.

Additionally, the assistant provides guidance to fix any issues, leveraging the same software utilized in shipment warehouses for a seamless and smooth shipment process.

We thoroughly analyzed the user's experience and journey.

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Through conducting interviews and hands-on experience, we gained a deep understanding of the process of sending urgent parcels and the emotions users experience. For more information, download this document.