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Product design

Phone stand

Sustainable. Open-source.

Transform a simple sheet of paper into a practical and portable phone stand with just scissors and glue. Designed to be compact and foldable, it easily fits into your wallet's credit card slot for on-the-go convenience.

Details phon stand

Challenge: Design a phone stand using 1 sheet of paper and glue.

In the era of the pandemic, where daily online meetings are the norm, owning a phone stand is an absolute necessity to allow for flexible remote communication.

Foldable design, turning the weakness of paper into a strength.

Based on thorough iterative exploration of paper as a building material.


Build it!

Build it!

Download the template.

Build it and test it out.


Material Exploration - Learned how to assess and leverage different material properties to inform design decisions, ensuring the optimal balance of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal for the phone stand.

Iterative Design Process - Recognized the importance of an iterative design approach, discovering how multiple design iterations and user feedback can lead to significant improvements and refinements in terms of usability, ergonomics, and overall user experience.

Testing in Realistic Environments with Real Users - Understood the significance of conducting user testing in realistic environments, gaining insights into user preferences, pain points, and usage patterns, enabling the refinement of the phone stand to meet user needs effectively.

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