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Extended reality

Escalight - Projected interface for escalators.

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Compiling insights from multinational user research

Conducted 9 user interviews including visually, cognitively, and mobility-impaired people from different countries. Insights and quotes organized into different problem groups.

Exiting an escalator can often be overwhelming for individuals with mobility or sensory challenges, requiring quick orientation while in a moving crowd.

Abstact figure entering an escalator with a speech bubbleAbstract figure riding escalator. Speech bubble signaling that it is bored
Abstact figure exiting an escalator. Speech bubble illustrating pain point.
User flow visuaized on an escalator by 3 abstact with speech bubbles.

Projected handrail interface for easy wayfinding.

In a short 2 step flow, the interface delivers a simple message: Which way to go after you exit the escalator.
2-step flow
Two handrail with the 2 steps of the projected interface
System overview
Illustarted diagram of the Escalight concept functions

Escalight covers the information gap between the end of an escalator and the start of Google Maps.

It uses the technology of AR Projection. Mapping cameras and projectors collaborate to create an interactive experience. As you ride the escalator, a projection of interface moves with you on the right handrail.

Market savvy and user empathic


Projectable icon set and understandable UI.

Icons designed to fit KONE visual language and work with the AR projection technology. Simple UI, optimized to deliver the message in the shortest possible time.
UI elements
A grid of user interface elements designed for the projection technology
Icon set
A Grid of outline icons representing public spaces

3 independent rounds of user testing and iteration were needed to tweak the UI to a mature form

Photo of UI prototype on the screen of Ipad being tested on an escalator.
Photo of UI prototype on the screen of Ipad being tested on an escalator.
Photo of UI prototype on the screen of Ipad being tested on an escalator.
Open product presentation
Document Icon
Testing report
Document Icon


Problem finding

Understanding the core issue behind users' feelings is importnat and should not be assumed.

Stakeholder mapping

Researching and categorizing the key individuals and groups involved in a project or initiative.​Multinational user research: Conducting inclusive research involving people with disabilities through observation and interviews.

Multinational user research

In a multinational user research it is importnat to ask questions about the environment since it greatly differs from the one in your country.

Researching people with special needs

My research focused on people with disabilitites and taught me a lot about preparation for such interview.